A Never-Failing Cake


We have a recipe in our family, passed down from my Mom (heaven knows where she found it), that has been a life-saver to all of us. It’s a plain old, hot-milk sponge cake, that’s super easy, and without fail makes the lightest, spongiest, tastiest vanilla cake you could dream of. I have made this recipe time… Read More

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Book Review : I am Pilgrim


Apologies for the radio silence last week, but I was tanning my tootsies in beautiful Mauritius. What I love most about island holidays is the complete break from reality and the outside world. Of course the hotels offer excellent wifi (even on the beach), and this does tempt one to look at one’s phone, but even that becomes… Read More

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Christmas Gift Guide

xmas gift

  Over the last few days I’ve been bombarded with so many Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, that my inbox has literally been groaning under the influx of all the emails. There were some fantastic deals, and if you were ‘needing’ anything in particular, it was definitely the weekend to shop for both yourself and others. Try… Read More