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1970596_761713927199280_6502497152474702354_n I came across Funky Ouma products 2 years ago when we moved to the Winelands, and since then I’ve been a huge fan. I always have a large grinder each of their Braai & Cooking Salt, and Himalayan & Herb Salt  in my spice cupboard. I love their packaging which shows off the beautiful colours of the salt and herbs, and they make great gifts too.


Funky Ouma was started by a dynamic mom and daughter duo, Anneke van Rooyen and Johannita Eksteen, on their farm outside Paarl. The idea was born many years ago when Anneke’s husband was ill with cancer, and they removed all preservatives and colourants from his diet. They played around with salt and natural flavours and saw a gap in the market for healthy cooking and braai-salt mixtures. Four years ago Funky Ouma was born and named after Anneke, who despite being the mother of four and grandmother of ten, remains funky, with-it and totally involved with her family and business.

12108116_929518093752195_5765565950898158165_n Funky Ouma consists of a range of 7 flavoured salt products and 2 ‘extra’ products – olive oil in a handy container with a spout, and rainbow peppercorns.  The main ingredient is Himalayan Salt, which is mixed by hand with herbs grown on the farm outside Paarl. Himalayan salt has an excellent reputation in the medical field and contains 84 minerals. Needless to say, all products are natural and contain no preservatives, colourants or MSG.

funky ouma collage They currently use their Facebook page as their primary source of marketing, and have become very visible at markets, especially in the Western Cape. Their products are also available at selected butchers and delis.

12115662_929950450375626_4981288234444180986_n Their newest product is Beetroot Salt – a beautiful pink salt which will turn any salad or vegetable dish into a gourmet dish.

funky ouma

Funky Ouma retails at R25 for 100g bottle and R70 for the large grinder. The best way to contact them is via email or Facebook.


Picture credits: Funky Ouma

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