Introducing Sunny Bunny

2015-10-22_0003 A while ago I came across Sunny Bunny on Facebook and immediately fell in love with this adorable little character. Sunny Bunny is a unique handcrafted bunny and comes with his/her own wardrobe, consisting of 5 items of clothing.

2015-10-22_0006 You even get your own clothes line and pegs to hang the pint size clothes on. Such a cute way to decorate a little one’s room.

2015-10-22_0001 I received my very own Sunny Bunny from it’s creator, Kate Kennedy. My Sunny has a gingham dress, denims, the sweetest grey melange leggings, shorts and cardigan. She now has pride of place in my office and we greet each other every day.

2015-10-22_0007 All parts of Sunny Bunny are safe for small children – no buttons or other small, removable parts and the face is hand stitched.

2015-10-22_0004 When Kate created her Sunny Bunnys she had more than little ones in mind. Amateur knitters and sewers can use their Sunny as a guinea pig for honing their skills. Her simple square shape is easy to dress. Why not get your creative juices flowing and make her a new item of clothing!

2015-10-22_0005 Sunny Bunny is currently available at Nap Living (Riverside) and Frilly Frog (both in Johannesburg). Or you can order her directly from Tracy at the following email address: Sunnys retail for R395. You can also follow Sunny Bunny World on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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